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Farsoon collaborates with Autodesk Generative Design Lab

1 Августа 2019

Chicago, IL - Farsoon Technologies’ eForm prototype polymer laser sintering system is currently in operation at Autodesk’s Generative Design Lab MxD, formerly known as  DMDII. MxD provides users the tools, knowledge, and training to create from the beginning stages of design to end stage of production, focused on DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing).

Chuck Kennedy, VP of Business Development at Farsoon Technologies - Americas (above), produces a build on the Farsoon eForm prototype polymer laser sintering system. This demonstration shows the beginning and end stages of the additive manufacturing selective laser sintering process.

“This ongoing collaboration between Autodesk and Farsoon Technologies is fundamentally important in bringing software and additive manufacturing solutions together for 21st-century production,” said Chuck Kennedy, VP of Business Development. “Design for manufacturing(DFAM) is a key to bringing additive to the mainstream in the parts production environment and where Autodesk is going with their software suite of products which fits quite well with Farsoon’s company goals.”

Informational tours showcasing the stages of creating a generative design in Autodesk® Fusion 360™ with Farsoon’s eForm as a “final step” in prototype production can be arranged by contacting your Farsoon Team Member ( info@farsoonam.com ).


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